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   Thank you for volunteering your time to coach this season.  If you ever have questions or concerns, please call, text or find me at the field.  Let's make a point to enforce good sportsmanship with players, parents and ourselves as coaches.  If we set a bad example, many will follow suit.  We should hold ourselves to a higher standard even in the heat of the moment.  Please remember that most of the referees are kids.  They are just learning how to ref and to control the games.  Yelling at the ref is not helping them and will NOT be tolerated. Keep your focus on coaching the kids.  If there is a major issue, please let me know that day so I can try to teach them how to do things differently.  Please keep rescheduling games to a minimum.  Many kids play other sports as do some of the refs.  It will be difficult to reschedule during the week.  If it is a Saturday and your team has two games (double header), it will be rescheduled as a double header.  Refer to the box below on the steps to reschedule games.
   Please help us keep the fields clean after practices and games!  Also make sure you are scheduling a practice at least once per week.  Remember, parents paid for the kids to learn, so let's make sure we give them the opportunity.  Game day snacks, oranges and the opportunity to purchase team pictures are important as well.  Please be considerate and do your best in these areas.

Thank you in advance for making this a great season!

Rodney McCleskey


Players 6 years old and younger
Size 3 ball
Play 4v4, no goalie

Players 8 years old younger
Size 3 ball
Play 4v4, no goalie
Play with arch - this is a no play area in front of the goal.

Players 10 years old and younger
Size 4 ball
Play 7v7 with goalie, no punting
Play with "build out line" - defensive team must retreat behind this line when the goalie gets the ball.

Players 15 years old and younger; no older than 8th grade
Size 4 ball
Play 11v11 with goalie

When playing separate divisions-
Players 12 years old and younger
Size 4 ball
Play 9v9 with goalie

Players 15 years old and younger; no older than 8th grade
Size 4 ball
Play 11v11 with goalie


To Reschedule games:

1) Contact opposing coach at least FIVE days before scheduled game.
2) Together decide on three dates that work for both teams.
3) Rescheduling coach must contact Rodney at [email protected].
4) Wait for confirmation email.
5) Contact opposing coach.

If you try to reschedule a double header, it will be rescheduled as a double header (2 games on one Saturday).  There was a lot of time and effort spent on getting this schedule just right.  Please be considerate of that and only reschedule as a last resort.

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